Kris Allen releases long-awaited new single

“The Vision of Love” – that’s what American Idol star Kris Allen has dubbed his new single. Once word spread that his new single had released, yes, like Bieber’s single, the news began trending Worldwide.!/jackanese15/status/184456524419174400

Listen to the song below:

And you can buy it, here:

The universe needs more love in it! Stand for The Vision of Love!

— ET son of Cale (@ETMills) March 27, 2012

The only problem here – he released his single the same day as Justin Bieber’s new single. Not a good PR move on his part, but for what it’s worth, Allen’s song is better, by a landslide.

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Britney Spears close to landing new job

Poor Britney Spears has been unemployed for so long, it’s about time she gets some good news! It looks like she’ll be named as a new judge on “X Factor” any day now.

Sources confirm the singer is in final-stage negotiations with Fox and X Factor producers to join the series this fall. Spears has reportedly haggled a $15 million payout for the gig (slightly more than Jennifer Lopez snagged for American Idol).

If the deal closes, Spears could be an ideal choice to boost music competition’s ratings: She has both credible music industry experience and a chaotic personality that’s lent itself to fun headlines over the years. That’s the type of celebrity mixture that Factor chief Simon Cowell can work with.

Britney Spears has been offered $15 million to be an X-Factor judge. The courts/conservatorship must agree

— Sir Reese Of ATL (@ReeseATL) April 11, 2012

Word is, Britney Spears is thisclose to joining #TheXFactor as a judge. The show still needs another judge… Mariah or Pink would be great!

— Pina (@Miss_Pina) April 11, 2012

i still dont know how i feel about Britney Spears being a judge on X-Factor

— Jon Rudely (@PoLiGhTlyYrUdE) April 11, 2012

This will be an amazing train wreck: “@EW: Britney Spears near deal to judge 'X Factor'

— Peter Dziedzic (@ptd3001) April 11, 2012

Whaaatttt?! I might just have to tune-in. RT @EW: Britney Spears near deal to judge 'X Factor'

— Anne Pomeroy (@PomsieATP) April 11, 2012

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‘Why is Harry Connick Jr. so orange?’ ‘Idol’ judge responds to the buzz [pics]

Harry Connick Jr. has been a welcome addition to the new season of “American Idol.”

Don’t get us wrong — he looks great. The ladies have spoken:

But Twitter has been buzzing about what looks like bad makeup or a little too much self-tanner.!/vEcleve_land/status/424009517282496512

Oompa Loompa? That gives the “American Idol” judge an idea:

Heh. Don’t worry, Harry. You’re not that orange.!/Lexiii_Jayyy/status/424017854246027264


Harry Connick, Jr. could be one tough #AmericanIdol judge

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American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe gossips about show voting and more

Soulful young singer Joshua Ledet was eliminated last night from American Idol, setting up the finale next week between pop diva-in-training Jessica Sanchez and Dave Matthews/Bob Seger-ish groove crooner Philip Phillips. Idol’s producer Nigel Lythgoe took to Twitter to answer questions about the vote results and to share a few other tidbits. His little revelation above about the wild swings in this season’s top vote-getter slot is newsworthy given how closely the show guards such information. (Related info about past vote controversies here.)

Next week #IDOL finalists will sing:- 1.Their favorite song of the series. 2. A song chosen by Simon Fuller. 3.Their individual #new-single.

— Nigel Lythgoe (@dizzyfeet) May 18, 2012

I promised I would reveal my favorite when they were voted off the show so….. it was Joshua. However, I am thrilled for Jessica & Phillip.

— Nigel Lythgoe (@dizzyfeet) May 18, 2012

RT @menchie_43: I think he's the real favorite of the 3 judges. Am I correct? @2PeachPonders [I BELIEVE COLTON WAS A FAVORITE AS WAS SKYLAR]

— Nigel Lythgoe (@dizzyfeet) May 18, 2012

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Viewers notice something high-larious about Sean Penn, Johnny Depp [pics]


As Twitchy reported, Adam Levine’s performance during the #Beatles50 celebration that aired on CBS Sunday night fell flat. Presenter Sean Penn, however, fell … high? Viewers noticed a little something funny about the actor:

Snicker! Sean Penn was apparently not the only one with a stoned face:

Who indeed? Let Twitter decide:

Take a gander at some pics:!/sabrina_kayee/status/432698075069444097

Oh dear.

That “allegedly” is a nice touch.


Penn had Depp beat in another area: Harry Connick Jr. tyle orange face.

“Hammered and really orange.” Looks like Penn took the wasted honors. Better luck next time, Depp!


Not so sexy: How bad was Adam Levine’s #Beatles50 performance? Laura Ingraham zings

‘Why is Harry Connick Jr. so orange?’ ‘American Idol’ judge responds to the buzz with a pic

Twitchy coverage of Sean Penn

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