Mariah Carey reportedly close to inking $17 million ‘American Idol’ deal

Out:  J-Lo and Steven Tyler. In: Mariah Carey.

The pop diva may be close to signing a $17 million deal to become an “American Idol” judge. That’s $17 million per season. Deadline reports:

I have learned that Mariah Carey is finalizing a deal to join Fox’s American Idol as a new judge. I hear Carey would command a salary of more than $17 million for next season, which would set a new record for talent on a reality series, eclipsing the paycheck of Idol‘s Jennifer Lopez.

Although Fox and Carey have yet to confirm the rumor, excited fans are weighing in.

Mariah Carey will b american idol judge?? well for the 1st time they will have a real singer on the panel!!! Thats good

— ❤Inbal (@INBALFOREVER) July 21, 2012

Omg if Mariah Carey joins American Idol… the world of musical talent shows will soon be a joyous one. Britney AND Mariah? Yes, please.

— Ryan S. Collins (@ryanscollins) July 21, 2012

Mariah Carey just signed on to be a judge on American Idol!!! Bow the fuck down to one of pops queens!!!!

— Matty (@mattymonsterz) July 21, 2012

But not everyone is finding religion.

This sucks. I love American Idol, but now I have to endure Mariah Carey hocking her songs on stage like JLo? I want the Idols to shine. grrr

— wissphoto (@wissphoto) July 21, 2012

Uh oh. Hopefully Carey haters won’t express their disappointment by launching another Mariah Carey death hoax.

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