Why is GOP actress Melissa Joan Hart promoting Moms Demand and Bloomberg?

Apparently actress Melissa Joan Hart is looking for a “better tomorrow” that starts with retweeting Mike Bloomberg’s $50 million answer to the NRA — an umbrella group called Everytown for Gun Safety that doubles as his ticket on the Heaven Express.

Retweets aren’t necessarily endorsements, but Hart went on to share an Everytown video.

And then she retweeted this reply from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, a gun-grabbing group that’s “at the heart of Everytown.”

The “Melissa & Joey” and “Clarissa Explains it All” actress publicly supported Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign and considers herself a conservative.

So what’s she doing backing Nanny Bloomberg and the radical bullies of Moms Demand? Melissa explains it all:

She says she’s “totally for” the Second Amendment …

… but the allies she’s picked aren’t on Team 2A.

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Mariah Carey reportedly close to inking $17 million ‘American Idol’ deal

Out:  J-Lo and Steven Tyler. In: Mariah Carey.

The pop diva may be close to signing a $17 million deal to become an “American Idol” judge. That’s $17 million per season. Deadline reports:

I have learned that Mariah Carey is finalizing a deal to join Fox’s American Idol as a new judge. I hear Carey would command a salary of more than $17 million for next season, which would set a new record for talent on a reality series, eclipsing the paycheck of Idol‘s Jennifer Lopez.

Although Fox and Carey have yet to confirm the rumor, excited fans are weighing in.

Mariah Carey will b american idol judge?? well for the 1st time they will have a real singer on the panel!!! Thats good

— ❤Inbal (@INBALFOREVER) July 21, 2012

Omg if Mariah Carey joins American Idol… the world of musical talent shows will soon be a joyous one. Britney AND Mariah? Yes, please.

— Ryan S. Collins (@ryanscollins) July 21, 2012

Mariah Carey just signed on to be a judge on American Idol!!! Bow the fuck down to one of pops queens!!!!

— Matty (@mattymonsterz) July 21, 2012




But not everyone is finding religion.

This sucks. I love American Idol, but now I have to endure Mariah Carey hocking her songs on stage like JLo? I want the Idols to shine. grrr

— wissphoto (@wissphoto) July 21, 2012

Uh oh. Hopefully Carey haters won’t express their disappointment by launching another Mariah Carey death hoax.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/21/mariah-carey-reportedly-close-to-inking-17-million-american-idol-deal/

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Which American Idol contestant is winning the Twitter vote?


Last night on American Idol, country singer Skylar Lane (not to be confused with songwriter/singer Skylar Grey) was sent packing, leaving just four contestants remaining in the popular singing competition. As of this morning, here are the number of Twitter followers each of the remaining contestants has:

  1. Jessica Sanchez: 271,178
  2. Phillip Phillips 251,633
  3. Holly Cavanagh 86,598
  4. Joshua Ledet: 79,399

Looks to us like a two-person race.

Many Twitter users are surprised Cavanagh has lasted this long:


— ERIK (@HolyFoolErik) May 4, 2012

Idol now! Hate that Hollie is still in!! D:

— Jelito de Leon (@jelitodeleon) May 4, 2012

I don't even know why I put myself through #idol anymore… The fact that Hollie is still there is a joke. #EpicFAIL

— Brad Kish (@bradkish) May 4, 2012

Some detect an effort by the judges to promote Ledet:

It appears the American Idol judges have decided to tilt the scale as much as they can to Joshua Ledet.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) May 3, 2012

It's so obvious the judges want Joshua Ledet to win. Yes, he sings hella good but I personally don't like his style. Don't hate me. :p #idol

— Princess Sarah (@SarahMaeyer) May 4, 2012

He has fewer Twitter followers than the others, but is a phenomenally talented singer:

Everyone on American Idol right now is so, so good-but gotta say, @Jledetai11 blew me away at the end-as always really-he's incredible!!

— Shannon Elizabeth (@ShannonElizab) May 3, 2012

After all these weeks @JLedetAI11 has always been consistent! Seriously one of the best singers I've ever heard! Flawless!!!!!

— Julianne Hough (@juliannehough) May 3, 2012

Joshua Ledet from American Idol is amazing beyond words!!! I would love to dance to ur music one day. U inspire me.

— Cheryl Burke (@CherylBurke) May 3, 2012

It’s pretty clear why Phillips is doing so well (hint: it’s not his vocal abilities):

Ugh, Phillip Phillips is so good looking. Stop it.

— Aia Arkoncel (@aiaaaa) May 4, 2012

And yet again @PPhillipsAI11 does it again! THIS ladies and gentlemen is why I rest my case!! Yuuuuuuuumy!!!! 🙂

— Julianne Hough (@juliannehough) May 3, 2012

Overall, however, it is Sanchez who is emerging as Twitter’s favorite.

@JSanchezAI11 is a STAR. @jLedetAI11 sangs fo the blood. They wipe the floor with the other two. Its a SINGING competition. #keepinitreal

— ADAM LAMBERT (@adamlambert) May 4, 2012

Lastly, @JSanchezAI11 needs to win @AmericanIdol!!!!!!!!!

— Colbie Caillat (@ColbieCaillat) May 4, 2012

This girl has us crying @JSanchezAI11 Jessica Sanchez: You Are So Beautiful http://t.co/i5VLPai7 via @youtube #RIP55

— Holly Robinson Peete (@hollyrpeete) May 3, 2012

The titles of the songs she covers, such as “You Are So Beautiful,” have become trending topics on Twitter — an indication of her strong fan support.

If she has any vulnerability, it is this:

jessica has such an awesome voice- but i wish she had more personality

— samantha ronson (@samantharonson) May 4, 2012

Jessica Sanchez has a powerful voice.BUT the personality giiirrrlll.You better work on that.I still <3 ya though.:)

— Angelo Mendoza (@ajmendoza11) May 3, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/05/04/which-american-idol-contestant-is-winning-the-twitter-vote/

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Stevie’s got a gun? Steven Tyler horrifies, delights with one pic

Oh my!

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler took to Twitter to share his day from Hawaii.


Heh. No, Stevie’s got a gun. And some had to be fun-squashing buzz kills, natch.



Others were delighted and found the shooting photo swoon-worthy.

Gotta love Texas!

But don’t forget the other part of his day, which caused this horrified reaction:


Giggling madly. Livin’ on the edge, Tyler!


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Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/02/17/i-just-squeed-stevies-got-a-gun-aerosmiths-steven-tyler-horrifies-delights-with-one-photo/

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Melissa & The Gipper? Melissa Joan Hart reveals a favorite ‘American idol’

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