‘American Idol’ mocks woman who says God told her to audition

OK, so Anastacia Freeman might not be the greatest singer (and we’re saying this knowing that Nicki Minaj is sitting in the same room), but there’s no reason to ridicule her inspiration for trying out for “American Idol.” “I believe God told me to come up here an audition,” she told judge Randy Jackson. Minaj thought that was “weird,” but the comment was enough for the producers to shoot a “cheap dramatization” featuring a heavenly light, clouds of smoke and a choir of angels, prior to host Ryan Seacrest narrating her exit: a bitter end “as she heads home to await further instruction.”

American idol is so dumb they mocked this girl she said she heard god tell her to audition and they made a “cheap dramatization” of +

— 69 shades of harold (@itstommobytch) February 1, 2013

A bit much, no? According to Twitter, it wasn’t enough.

LMFAO American idol played this bitch soo badly with a cheap dramatization on god telling her to audition! Hahahaha

— Krystal Lilly (@krystal_lilly) February 1, 2013

She said god told her that she can sing and to go on american idol! God is tellin me to take yo non singing ass home!

— Duron(@Swagger156) February 1, 2013

God did not tell you to audition for American Idol, you psycho

— Lucy Mojarro (@LucyMojarro) February 1, 2013

@americanidol what was that girl name that LIED & said God told her to Audition????

— Riding with Nicki (@Mzsassybarb99) February 1, 2013

Yes. God sent you to American Idol so you could embarrass yourself. Sounds about right. #notreally

— Janoskianator yo(@ShellHalim) February 1, 2013

This bitch said god told her to go on American idol 

— Elise. (@elise_kas_) February 1, 2013

Girl-“God told me to audition for American idol.” Randy-“and God told me to say no” hahahahahahahaha 😂

— Agent 008 (@coka_COLE_uh) February 1, 2013

God told her to try out for American idol through a big overwhelming voice that kept repeating American idol? Girl, leave, you’re crazy.

— Jordyn Hubbell (@jordynhubbell) February 1, 2013

God wont tell you to do FOOLERY like sing on american IDOL. you should be slapped upside your head #SEEYOURLIFE

— P31IsWhoIAm (@NaomiLuella) February 1, 2013

That bitch said god sent her to American idol yeah fucking right

— Mrs.Williams✝ (@PrincessNola_) February 1, 2013

She had the nerve to say god told her to go sing on American idol…sweetie,i dont think god would send u to do something u clearly cant do

— ❦Ari_baby✌ (@beary_unique) February 1, 2013

God told you to audition for American Idol…..nah i think that was the devil. #terrible

— Drew Topp (@drew12293) February 1, 2013

If God tells you to audition on American Idol, get a 2nd opinion.And maybe a new God.

— Bren (@Bren942) February 1, 2013

@americanidol No comment about Mrs. Crazy girl sent from god Lord have mercy,she was so, um, yeah! Hey the entertainment value was priceless

— David Ford (@davidhf79) February 1, 2013

She going to hell for lying cause God did not tell her to go on American Idol with her horrible ass voice.

— Sofíaaaaaa.(@ItsVetta_XOXO) February 1, 2013

“I believe God told me to do American Idol.” 😑 Bitch don’t be lying on God #idol

— ♡ taysha . . . (@ShanellePearls) February 1, 2013

We know that “American Idol” is all about being judged, but a few were a little more lenient than most.

American Idol must be desperate. Creepy God lady was so planned. Reenactment “footage” & everything was just ridiculous #idolauditions

— Ashley K Coleman (@majivugirl) February 1, 2013

Not happy with American Idol who made fun of that lady who thought God told her to audition.. #notcool #christianprobs #americanidol

— Hannah Jones (@angel6hj) February 1, 2013

This girl on American idol says god told her to audition and everybody laughs. Why isn’t it funny when other people say god talks to them?

— Jarrett Rummel (@FSMJarrett) February 1, 2013

Well she did make it to American Idol like God told her too. Not sure if He wanted the judges to say yes…that is something I can’t answer.

— Lucy Claire Maxwell (@lucyclaire88) February 1, 2013

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/01/31/american-idol-mocks-woman-who-says-god-told-her-to-audition-twitterverse-piles-on/

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American Idol’s Jermaine Jones is a fraud

American Idol’s gentle giant and fan favorite Jermaine Jones has been lying to America about his dad abandoning him and his mom 10 years ago. Sources say he made up the story to win the hearts of A.I.’s producers and fans all over the world.

“A.I.” sources told TMZ … last week, after appearing on the show … Jermaine came to them and said his dad called him from out of the blue, claiming pops abandoned him and his mom 10 years ago. Jermaine told producers he was extremely upset that his dad suddenly reappeared in his life now that he was famous and potentially rich. Jermaine said his dad was “a lousy father” and wanted nothing to do with him.

Some hardcore fans of the show, like @davcero09, are hoping producers decide to kick him off because of the lies he has fed viewers all over the world.

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Just when you thought NBC’s Olympics coverage couldn’t get worse, it’s Seacrest time!

The Ryan Seacrest Fan Club is not performing well on Twitter. Viewers tweeted their disapproval of the ubiquitous host and the “American Idolization of the Olympics”:


We were able to find one Seacrest fan among all the hate:

Actually, that’s probably sarcasm.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/02/19/just-when-you-thought-nbcs-olympics-coverage-couldnt-get-any-worse-its-seacreast-time/

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Back to the future: Twitter user attempts to predict winner of 2011 American Idol competition

Nice try, but no cigar. Rodriguez placed 12th.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/21/back-to-the-future-twitter-user-attempts-to-predict-winner-of-2011-american-idol-competition/

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Clay Aiken sneers at GOP, mocks Sarah Palin


What is the opposite of “Oh, Snap?” Lame, Clay. Lame.

Has-been and former “American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken is desperately trying to hold onto relevance by endearing himself to the Smarter Than You crowd, it seems. His gig on “Celebrity Apprentice” just didn’t cut it. This lame attempted dig was just the latest from oh-so-tolerant, anti-bullying legislation advocate Clay Aiken.

Earlier this month, he attempted to slam Governor Sarah Palin. Instead, he ended up saying more about himself. And it ain’t pretty.


See, he put a winky face! That means it’s totally cute and stuff. Only, it’s not. Sexist and elitist much, Clay? Silly little Mayor Sarah Palin (who was also the governor, FYI, Clay)! We don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that you are a tool.

Clay Aiken is currently trying to solicit an “American Idol” judge gig; he retweeted this one.

@clayaiken You are just what AmericanIdol needs. You are by far the best choice for the new judge. I need all my followers to vote for Clay!

— ALLIE ♡ (@allieooop_1) July 16, 2012

And tried again with this one.


Perhaps Mr. Aiken should remember that it is “American Idol.” And American includes all Americans, even the ones at whom he looks down his nose, sneering in contempt.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/18/clay-aiken-sneers-at-gop-mocks-sarah-palin/

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