Season 11 Premiere: Top 3 American Idol audition standouts in Savannah, GA 1/18/2012 (Videos)

“In Savannah, we don’t sing… we saaaang!!” -(screaming) idol hopeful.

“THIS, is American Idol!” a line made distinctly popular by Ryan Seacrest. We will get to hear that from hereon all the way to the finale. It’s the opening season of American Idol, back on its eleventh year and they premiere in the beautiful historic city of Savannah in Giorgia.

Thousands auditioned, Idol picked 42 and only 17 names were revealed in the roster.

Philip Philips blew all the others hands down. Everybody loves him already and his name remembered! As of this writing, his name is trending on Twitter. He won this audition round. However, we didn’t get to see all 42 sing so we’re sure Idol ‘reserved’ some other standouts from this city for later.

Other than a handful of crazies, there’s nothing more disturbing than Steven Tyler’s creepy leers to girls being shown on national TV. Hope the producers can do something about that…

This season we shall make our top lists, hash the potentials and weed away the weak ones. We may be wrong and we may be right in our instincts, there’s no telling what happens in Hollywood/Vegas week and in the semi-finals. We’ve been watching this show since Season 1 and our favorites aren’t always the winners!! But repeat this with us: “this is all TV.”

So we bring you our Top 3 standouts in the Savannah, GA stop, in no particular order of course (and do not guarantee they will be picked into the Top 24!!).

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Shannon Magrane, 15 yo
‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’ by Etta James

Philip Philips
‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson & ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder (They should ban the latter song on Idol. Enough already!)

Colton Dixon, ‘Permanent’ by David Cook
auditioned last year and was cut in the final rounds. This year, he did not audition; was going to give the limelight to his sister, Schyler Dixon but he ended up stealing it away! For an impromptu audition, that’s not bad at all!!

Savannah Audition, Idol hopefuls going to Hollywood:

David Leathers, Jr
Phiilip Phillips
Gabi Carrubba
Shannnon Magrane
Amy Brumfield
Joshua Chavis
Stephanie Renae
Jessica Whitley
Shaun Kraisman
Mawuena Kodjo
Ashley Altise
W.T. Thompson
Erica Nowak
Brittany Kerr
Colton Dixon
Schyler Dixon
Lauren Mink

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