5/31 Larry King Live with the American Idol 9 Top 10, Monday edition (Photos/Videos)

Sometimes you just wish for once people being interviewed on TV will give honest responses. It’s the same standard answers you hear over and over. C’mmon, all these pleasantries and safe, vague replies does not satisfy and are boring as heck. This is Larry King. You can darn say what you want. Be bold for once! We need some Adam Lambert in this interview.

Alas, Lee, Casey and Michael didn’t captivate with all the honey-coated words. Didi, Crystal and Siobhan at least made some really good effort to be direct and frank. Maybe we have watched too many of these Idol interviews that we’ve heard all their generic answers, we have become listless. Enough talk, give us some music. Let’s get on with the tour!

Best quote of the night: “He sure is clever. Those things he comes up with to say about your song, where does that come from? Instead of just saying that was really bad or that was really loud– he told me it sounded like I was giving birth…” -Siobhan Magnus without batting an eyelash on Simon Cowell. [wish everyone answered like that!]

This one-hour interview with the idols by the way were taped last Friday in CNN’s Los Angeles studios; sort of a continuation from their first appearance on Larry King here. The idols flew to New York yesterday for the M&M concert today, June 1st; the concert is Tomorrow, June 2nd with live streaming on Facebook.- after their Memorial weekend breaks. Based on tweets, Siobhan is coming from Cape Cod, Didi from Tenessee, Andrew from CA, and Lee and the rest straight from Florida??

This is going to be in 6 parts. Please check back again for the rest of the videos.

Part 1: “Did you think it was gonna be you?” “fave singer you would want to be stuck with on a desert island?”

Part 2: “more Island answers…” “Do people recognize you now?”

Part 3: “What can you say about Simon Cowell?”

Part 4: Larry presses on Crystal’s break up with her boyfriend and other romance/relationships among the Idols. Everyone just laughs. Larry continues on, “but there was a little smirk from Didi…” “Nothing I know of,” Didi quips. Everyone just have this knowing look and smiles…

Part 5: “Were the judges helful or not?”

Part 6: “Were the mentors helpful?” “Class clown? biggest flirt? most likely to succeed? most shy?”

This is funny, when Larry asks: “Who is the biggest ‘brown nose’? They couldn’t answer. Someone asks” “what does that mean?” Michael and Crystal were quick to tell the rest what it means…

Brownnose: suck up to or to kiss arse;

Everyone’s been ‘brown-nosing’ each other since the competition started and some of them don’t know that’s what its called! LOL

Siobhan opens up on how she doesn’t drive because “I don’t have my own car. I never could afford anything like that before…” Larry asks again: “Can you afford a car now?”
Siobhan: “Not yet. Hopefully…It will be nice to be able to afford things that I used to consider luxuries. I just appreciate everything that much more…” [ Aaaawww, Siobhan…]

Interesting: They have to join the union so they get paid for every TV appearances. They also do make money off on iTunes downloads!! This is why we strongly request from readers and fans, PLEASE BUY their music. DO not just download it off somewhere for FREE. The idols won’t get anything from those illegal downloads…

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  • Quirkygrl

    Larry King’s interviews with the Idols are always pretty vapid, in my opinion. Having said that, I think the Idols must have a Media “keeper” when they go on shows as high profile as Larry King Live. No dirty secrets, nothing but the most gentle of teasing – as compared with the more relaxed environment of the IICD House or when interviewed by someone like Michael Slezak who (like him or not) knows how to coax more interesting tidbits of information out of the Idols.

  • ronnie

    quick question about part 4 – so who are the two contestants in the group that are having a relationship or romance?