8/13 Awesome Concert photos and review of Didi Benami and the American Idols – Live in Los Angeles, CA

High quality photography by Karen Datangel on Flickr | Published with permission.

Check out her Flickr for more photos and her blog to read her tour review!

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THE CLASS SWEETHEART: Clad in cowboy boots and a sparkly top that complemented her long flowing blonde hair, Didi Benami opened the show with a mellow set – a beautiful song called “Lay it On Me” by Kyler England and broke out her acoustic guitar for her big Hollywood moment, “Terrified” by Katharine McPhee. Benami’s voice was once described as “Feist-y” but she also was reminiscent of Taylor Swift, with a much better voice though. She has a unique musicality and put heart and soul into her performances. Beautiful in every way possible. ~Karen Datangel from her tour review

My personal favorites of the night were Lee, Crystal, Aaron, Siobhan, Andrew, and Didi, but each one of them put forth their best efforts to create their own mini-show to become part of one fun spectacular. Despite the poor viewership and fan and media criticism this past season, the stars of American Idol season 9 showed that they have potential to be bigger and win you over. So don’t write them off just yet. ~Karen Datangel from her tour review

More photos by Karen Datangel may be found on Flickr. | © All Rights Reserved

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