8/18 American Idol Live Tour coverage at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, CA (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

It’s the last leg of the Cali tour, the Idols are now in the Cap-City Sacramento, CA to throw some love to the audience.

ARCO Arena, give ’em some love too!

@TCC76 on Twitter has some stunning pictures of Didi!

Drop dead gorgeous“, “An angel in human disguise“, “Beautiful in every sense of the word” – we couldn’t agree more! 😉

Here are more Twitter pics of Didi from @feelingamazing and @ang_garcia91, THANKS! 🙂


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About the venue: via Wikipedia

Seating Capacity: 17, 317

ARCO Arena is an indoor arena located in Sacramento, California, United States. It is home to the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

ARCO Arena hosts nearly 200 spectator events each year. The current configuration seats up to 17,317 and can host such varied events as ice shows, rodeos, and monster truck rallies. Nearly two million spectators from throughout Northern California visited ARCO Arena last year.

Owned and operated by Maloof Sports & Entertainment, ARCO Arena is home to the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.


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