(UPDATED) 5/28 American Idol 9 Top 10 [sans Crystal] on 'If I can Dream' House (Photos/Videos)

** Please keep checking back here. We’ll update this post as soon as we get more videos from other sources. New Videos below!!

This was extremely boring for us. Sorry, we didn’t stalk the Idols enough on the “If I can Dream House.”

The American Idol Top 10 stopped by the freaky house after their show on Larry King Live, May 28th- without Crystal Bowersox (said she wasn’t feeling well.) Good for Crystal! She didn’t want to be there and become a spectacle for the world to see. We swore not to go back to this site unless Didi was going to be there! Even her presence didn’t help. Add to the fact that she was obviously slightly intoxicated. We weren’t cool with that being shown publicly!

We really wonder how this site will survive. By getting celebrities to come visit them every so often we guess. That’s the only way they are going to draw people to watch this weird concept of a show.

The video below shows Didi strumming the guitar and singing but we caught it towards the end. She gushes: “I am drunk.” She then disappears to the bathroom but one could still hear her humming. Andrew Garcia takes the guitar. The next half of the video shows the Idol leaving the house. Casey James, Siobhan Magnus, Katie Stevens, Alex Lambert is on the scene. @LyndseyParker of Yahoo music who was at the house with the Idols promises a video soon! We’re also sure Hulu.com will feature the highlights of the visit. We’ll wait on that. Sorry guys, we don’t get IICD at all so we didn’t do a good job covering the visit. Well, turns out there are a lot of videos out there! 🙂

From Hulu.com, Arrivals:


Didi singing “Terrified” [with Katie Stevens. Is it just us or is Alex Lambert annoying?!!]

Siobhan and Katie singing Umbrella [a little bit of Didi]

Siobhan + Didi= Magnami!!

Katie and Siobhan: “Umbrella” and “My Immortal”

Lee and Andrew: “Use Somebody”

The Idols arrival at the house:

Siobhan Singing “Wicked Game”

Siobhan and Katie {a bit of Didi}: “Halo” and “No One” {with Andrew Garcia}

Siobhan with a little bit of Katie and Didi singing in the background: “Creep”

[Audio only] Didi on guitar and singing… does anybody know this song?? Please comment! 🙂

Twitter session | Group Photo

The Top 10: Tweet Session [very short]

Photos from Twitter

LA TIMES: Idol Tracker

Yahoo Music

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