Alums reveal tattoos on American Idol Magazine Issue 3, think you know Didi Benami's?

We finally found something worth (?) blogging about from the American Idol magazine, June 2010- Issue 3.

Our problem with this magazine is it sells for $5.99 but majority of its content we already know and the information is readily available online for free! We don’t mind paying extra if there’s actually something new we haven’t heard about.

This particular spread has a little we don’t know about some idol alumni, especially Didi. We know she has a tattoo on her (left) foot but we couldn’t quite tell what it says. On Idol mag’s latest issue, 11 idols reveal their tattoos and that “each choice of tat conveys something personal and particular about its wearer.”

We are partial to tattoos. If you’re an artist and that’s how you express your individuality- then go for it! But for the rest of us who actually needs to work –forget about it! At least don’t try to pull a Blake Lewis or a Carly Smithson look! Something concealed like Didi’s might work. [Remember teens, girls and boys: tattoos are painful and permanent, and it’s only cool when you’re young-er. Think about how you would still like those tattoos when you’re 80!]

For better viewing of the rest of the featured idols: Here is the PDF link to a full spread. Idol Magazine, June 2010. pages 72-73. Enjoy.

Tidbits: Didi’s tattoo says: “Joy” -need we say more?! Crystal, (wow!) has “Type One Diabetic” tattooed on her arm. Anybody who can make out what Lee’s say? Looks like a lyrics to a song or a quote. A lot of words inked on his body! Andrew has we believe, his son’s name on his arm: “Caelan”

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