7/5 American Idol Live Tour Coverage at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario (PHOTOS)

The American Idol Top 10 were heading to Ontario on July 3 immediately after their concert in Grand Rapids, MI. They spent America’s Independence day in Canada, July 4th.

The fourth serving of the two-month long Idol concert happens at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Venue capacity varies between 17,000 and 19,000. With the Idols concert as we have seen from the last three concerts- the actual crowd turnout is between 5,000-8,500 people.

Please watch out for this space. We will upload photos in this section as soon as we get them.

With special thank you and kudos to Audrey of Tony&Audrey on Flickr for the amazing high quality photographs. Posted with permission. Check out more photos on their Flickr page.

We have this shot taken July 5th, from Richard Budman with a caption that says:

“Visiting my bud at Thompson Hotel and American Idol peeps checkin’ out. 2010 winner LEE DEWYZE boarding tour bus for Idols show in Hamilton. I admit I don’t watch Idol and had someone point them out to me. They seemed pretty cool & nice.”

Lee’s Photo (for some reason, the image won’t show up here.)

He also saw Crystal Bowersox and shared a cute anecdote:

“When visiting friends at new Thompson hotel today – bumped into the American Idol’s checking out and heading to Hamilton for show tonight. Crystal shared a good story about how her and other Idols were at Toronto’s Gay Pride parade on Sunday and what an awesome time they had (they were surprised Canadians such party people.) But as soon as first person noticed them and asked for photo, the crowd around them suddenly swelled and everybody was asking for photos. Crystal kindly posed for lots of pics – even when some people got a little pushy.”

Thank you Richard Budman of ishot7 for this nice capture! (Please give credit when you are re-posting.)

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