8/21 American Idol Live Tour coverage at Rose Garden in Portland, OR

It’s the 36th leg of the tour! Whew! Was it really that fast? The Oregonians are already pumped to see the Idols tonight at Vered’s Garden — errr —  what we mean is Rose Garden! lol ; )



Twitter pics from @Seizemusic:

About the venue: via Wikipedia

Capacity for Concerts:

*Center-stage: approx. 20, 500

*End stage: approx. 15, 000

The Rose Garden, commonly known as the Rose Garden Arena, is the primary indoor sports arena in Portland, Oregon, United States. It is suitable for large indoor events of all sorts, including basketball, ice hockey, rodeos, circuses, conventions, ice shows, concerts, and dramatic productions. The arena has a capacity of 20,630 spectators when configured for basketball; it holds smaller crowds when configured for other events. The arena is equipped with state-of-the-art acoustics and other amenities.


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