Take the American Idol Poll: "I can't wait to hear new music from…" Didi Benami!

The official American Idol site has a new poll on its homepage (mid-right section) under Idol Community that asks visitors to answer one simple but important question: Which Idol from the Season 9 Top 6-10 would you want to hear new music? Included is Didi Benami and we invite you to participate!!

Of course this is but a ‘fun’ survey to get people to visit the site. We’ve seen these poll section with various questions before including that of who we wanted to see on Tour 2010 other than the Top 10? We voted endlessly for Lacey Brown because we would have loved to watch her perform live but nothing really came out of that survey. They did not add another idol to the tour.

BUT what the hey, join in and push the numbers up for Didi. We tried voting 15 times- it doesn’t seem to have a limit so we just kept hitting the “vote again” button. When we stopped, the total votes were: 11,445.

Check out American Idol Official and cast your fun vote!

I can’t wait to hear new music from:

Aaron Kelly

Siobhan Magnus

Tim Urban

Katie Stevens

Andrew Garcia

Didi Benami

Thanks Gabe for the heads up! 😀

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  • Gabe

    You’re welcome! I’ve voted tons of times too 🙂