American Idol Season 9 Top 10 becomes nine… we tried. Didi Benami is gone on Idol. we tried…

One can’t get too comfy in the Top 10 because the rule of the game is to take one contestant out each week…

This page updates as the show progress, hang in there…


Lee Dewyze
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Siobhan Magnus
Andrew Garcia
Mike Lynche
Crystal Bowersox
Katie Stevens

Bottom 3

Katie Stevens safe!
Tim Urban

DIDI BENAMI IS IN THE BOTTOM… is Eliminated….  🙁

We’ll let this one sink in first… We are too stunned to react. See you soon!

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  • moneh

    this is so sad. She was my favorite. At least she’ll be on tour and get at least a little famous.

    good luck Didi 🙂

  • heartbroken

    I think american got it wrong! Actually, I know they did.

  • Bummed

    This sucks! Didi is way better than Tim and Katie for sure, and can be the best pending the songs she picks. Anyway, the show has all the teenyboppers voting, and they dont vote on vocal talent for the most part.

    I sensed Didi kinda gave up a bit, and chose old fashioned songs that just didnt work for me.

    I hope she comes out with some acoustic on her album.

  • Bummed

    I say if ya cant beat em join em, all Didi fans vote for Tim Urban just to mess the show up more

    this is why Tim is still in

  • frustrated

    ugh. She is the only one I have been watching. Now she’s out I’m done with Idol.

  • Bunso

    america is so wrong letting didi go.. over tim urban..

    i will not watch this show anymore.. my fave girl is out!
    i know she will shine BRIGHTER outside AI!


  • Doug

    I do not get it , Howard Stern is the main force behind that vote for the and he wants to be a judge next year!
    Didi was the only one I watched this year , I think the judges confused her to no end.
    Didi will be just fine if she sticks with it.
    The audience was chanring for them to save her, but Simon bar sinister teased her.
    Who in the world is Simon to say who has a good voice when his ex girlfriend Terry Seymor has a voice like sandpapper !

  • Melissa

    I can’t believe Didi’s out!!! This SUCKS! She was the best, I hope she will still continue with music… I’d really love to hear some original stuff 🙂
    Good Luck Didi! America totally got it wrong 🙁

  • rezza

    I’m very sad indeed. It was too soon for her to leave. I’m sorry to say this but those still hang around are kinda creepy and dull contestants to me. Either they’re lack of emotions or sensitivity or they’re all just abt themselves. I’ll will not be looking fwd to watch AI season 9 after this. I’m done with it at the moment until the finale show when i can watch Didi again. Gonna miss her unique voice and her beauty so much.

    Wish you every success Didi. You’re amazing !

  • kox

    Didi went away, it mean this season will be boring. So sad and frustrated that my favorite idol is vote off.

  • Doug

    I get what you mean about the rest of the singers being dull , DiDi had the whole package of a great voice, great looks , beautiful smile , and she sings from the heart. Shame on the judges for saying she was acting and not singing. I always got the feel she was singing to me and so did everyone who are friends of mine, they all felt that conection when she looked into the camera and sang. On Tuesday she was truly singing about someone special to her and the judges mocked her for singing with soul.
    Not one of them male singers are better than she is , nobody is going to tell me Urban , or Garcia should have beat Didi. Simon can shove his backhanded complements of last night. To me , if Didi was not worth saving, nobody else is.
    Didi, my advice to you is to try and get an album out there befor you go on tour so the album will promote itseld when you are on tour , You have what it takes to be the future REAL American Idol.
    Doug 🙂

  • Doug

    I also want to say that 4 years ago I was a huge supporter of Gina Glocksen , she finished # 8 but the Sanjaya hoopla cost her a top 5 spot.
    Sadly , the Sanjya of this competion is Tim Urban , Didi was knocked out because anti Idol people voted for Urban.
    This is a stange season when 3 of the best girls were knocked out too soon , Lilly Scott , Lacey Brown , and of course my favorite ( DiDi )
    I am so mad today , I have blisters on my fingers from the weeks of constant voting , I would gladly had dealt with the blisters for 9 more weeks 🙁

  • frank

    i am so sad that you were voted off. i dialed for 2 hours straight with a phone in each hand. sorry. i am praying for you. you are still by far the best and i hope you will prove it by busting it and getting to work on your album. PLEASE take advantage of your time off to get your album ready ASAP. PLEASE consider including Terrified, Oxygen by colbie caillat, and Crusin’ Together by Gwyneth Paltrow. At least please just run through them with some of your friends and get their feedback. You will sound great. I know you want to do a DIDI album “soultry” but please include some of these songs as well if you are able. Some of your fans really want to hear you sing these songs and cant wait for your album. Thank you so much. God bless you.