3/7 American Idol Top 13 honors Stevie Wonder & Whitney Houston; Jessica Sanchez, Girls win the night! (Videos)

March 7: Newly-picked American Idol Top 13 honors the music of Stevie Wonder (for the guys) & Whitney Houston (for the girls) on Wednedsday night’s performances.

A new twist is added to this season’s eliminations. Following the footsteps of “So You Think You Can Dance,” Ryan will announce the bottom 2 and the judges decide who stays! We like this idea!! Although Ryan pointed out that it will only be for this week’s results.

Who were the standouts tonight? Videos of all the performances below:

Skylar Laine
Erika Van Pelt
Hollie Cavanaugh

Phillip Phillips – soft approval
Colton DIxon – soft approval

WHO SHOULD Go HOME: Any of these, we won’t miss!
Shannon Magrane
Jermaine Jones
Deandre Brackensick
Jeremy Rosado

Check out the performances:

Joshua Ledet – “I Wish”
Church-y, Gospel-y, shout-y. Didn’t work for us this week.

Elise Testone- “I’m Your Baby Tonight”
Elise had a BAD NIGHT! The problem is, she was emotionally transparent through the entire thing. The package showed it wasn’t her song choice, she’s never heard the song until that day but her first pick “The Greatest Love of All” wasn’t a fit for her either. When she performed, she looked so forced, so bland, so distracted and robotic, almost stoic. When she was criticized, she didn’t take it very well and it showed. She has to get her composure back. This is only week 2 of the semi-final rounds! We hope America gives her a second chance to redeem herself.

Jermaine Jones – “Knocks Me Off My Feet”
His voice knocked us off our feet… in a not so good way.

Erika Van Pelt -”I Believe in You and Me”
We believe in EVP!! It wasn’t perfect but definitely, she had her moment.

Colton Dixon – “Lately”
Intense. Turned the song in to a rockish ballad…

Shannon Magrane – “I Have Nothing”
We have nothing to say, other than she needs to go home this week.

Deandre Brackensick – “Master Blaster”
Got rid of the hair tossing, thank you! Sounded better somehow… 🙂

Skyler Laine – “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”
Wow, we love this girl! Wasn’t perfect but she really separates herself out of the pack, making her performances memorable every time.

Heejun Han – “All is Fair In Love”
He has the voice & personality to stay in the competition but needs to keep his comedic side in check. It is endearing in parts but the audience could grow tired of it sooner or later and won’t translate to votes in the end.

Hollie Cavanaugh – “All The Man That I Need”
One of our standouts!! Amen.

Jeremy Rosado – “Ribbon in the Sky”
Not enough to get him through to the next round. He’s sooo good but lacks the star quality to go further in the long run. He may survive this week but he won’t make it to Top 10.

Jessica Sanchez – “I Will Always Love You”
Hands down, the winner of the night! The ONLY standing ovation of the night and Jessica’s second standing ovation from the judges coming into the semi-final round! She is the one to beat in this competition.

Side note: She’s got to get rid of that habit of covering her face with her hands every time someone gives her a compliment. It’s an unconscious response but it’s getting to be kind of distracting. She needs to start owning the raves because she deserves it!

Phillip Phillips – “Superstition”
We hate to say this- he continuous to wow the audience and the judges but this Dave Matthews impressions has to stop… He makes the song his own but it comes out the same as his other songs everytime- from “Thriller, to “In The Air Tonight” to “Superstition” – it sounds and looks exactly the same plus let’s not forget he loves copying Dave Matthews!

Dave Matthews: “Crash into Me”

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