Didi Benami and American 'idols' share how their parents shaped their lives

By Bari Nan Cohen


What it Takes to be an American Idol Parent


American Idol Live Tour 2010

Didi Benami

Biggest sacrifice my parents made: “My mom bought a one-way ticket and stayed at my place while I was on the show and kept up my place.”
Strongest act of support: “My parents told me to do what makes me happy, but also that I [could] quit and come home [if] things were really rough in L.A. I didn’t listen.”
Best stress-relief technique: “My mom told me to breathe and meditate.”

Crystal Bowersox

Best advice my parents gave me: “I called my dad once when I was broke and hungry in Chicago and asked him for help. He told me, ‘You’ll find a way; I believe in you.’ And I did.”

Lee DeWyze

Best advice my parents gave me: “To always be true to myself and do what I think is right.”
Strongest act of support: “They never — not even once — told me to pursue
anything other than music.”

Casey James

Biggest sacrifice my parents made for me: “Listening to me practice day and night!”
Strongest act of support: “My mom bought me a pretty expensive guitar that I still own when I was just starting. She knew that I loved to play, so it was worth it.”
Best stress-relief technique: “To realize my situation — no matter what it is — is all relative. It’s my choice to be happy or stressed. Which one will I pick? Happy.”

Siobhan Magnus

Best advice my parents gave me: “My dad was the first to teach me proper breath support for singing, and my mom gave me fashion advice: leather and lace.”
Biggest sacrifice my parents made: “To support our family growing up, my dad set aside his dreams of being a musician to do hard labor working in construction.”
Best stress-relief technique: “I sing to let off steam!”

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