Clay Aiken deletes tweets before congressional run [correction appended]

Former American Idol runner-up and Democrat Clay Aiken has announced his intention make a run for a North Carolina congressional seat held by Republican Rep. Renee Elmers. Aiken’s campaign is sure to be comedy gold, but in a probable attempt to remove some of the material that could be used against him, a “clean up” of Aiken’s Twitter account was apparently in order.

One of the tweets to go was this one Aiken published during the 2012 GOP convention:

Good luck with getting those to “disappear.”

Aiken has scrubbed other tweets as well, and has changed the look of his Twitter account.

Correction note (7:50 p.m. ET): The original title of this post incorrectly indicated that Clay Aiken deleted the tweets after announcing his congressional run. The tweets were in fact deleted prior to Aiken’s announcement. It is not clear how long ago they were deleted. Our title has been changed to reflect that and we have added the word “probable” to the text of this post. Twitchy regrets the error.

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