Didi Benami and the American Idol 9 Top 12 on the Lee DeWyze-Crystal Bowersox Finale show! (Photos/Video)

The AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 9 FINALE live at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California with seven thousand screaming fans excluding the ones outside who couldn’t get in but stuck around to get a glimpse of the idols stopping by at the Idol ‘meet the press’ tent.

The atmosphere seem crazy fun. Here’s Didi being interviewed by Fox 5’s Stacey Elgin about what she’s planning for her musical future.

After watching the show, we therefore conclude that Crystal Bowersox SHOULD be the next American Idol by a mile…

We’re not sure what happened to Lee DeWyze but he didn’t look like he was fighting for his place out there. He has such great recordable sound but we didn’t hear it last night. Seemed like he couldn’t take the pressure and just gave up. All of Crystal’s performances were topnotch and unmatched.

Crystal beat him by a huge, huge margin in all accounts: Vocal prowess, song impact, music arrangement, song choices! Crystal looked stunning, she never sounded better. Lee was eaten up by his song arrangements, it was almost painful to listen. All we heard was “noise” in the background especially on U2’s “Beautiful Day.” That was your worst performance Lee- in the entire season and you had to do it in the Finale!

But Lee DeWyze will win!

And if you do, it will be because you ‘probably’ have more fans voting and the entire universe already predicted and even declared you winner! Even we believe it when we said it here. Like last year’s season, Adam Lambert should have won and he just proved to the world that he is a certified international star. Not sure, Kris Allen can say that.

Anyhow, this isn’t to say we dislike Lee. We heart Lee! We’ve said it on the site again and again. He is up there with Crystal, Casey and Didi. We heart Andrew, Lacey, Lilly Scott and Katelyn Epperly too. We like Siobhan but have no idea what kind of an album she’ll have. We would certainly love to see her on Broadway! Broadway stars have much more success to crossover into acting on TV and perhaps the movies! Almost every Hollywood actor’s dream is to star on Broadway. Siobhan will certainly have a future in theater if she chose it. As for the rest of this year’s idol contestants… no comment.

Photos are from various sites and our own screencaps!

Credits to Super Snake and 101.5 Jamz! and PacificCoastNews.com

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