Didi Benami fans who would you like to see win American Idol 9? Take the Poll!

Seems like Didi has gotten over (and rightfully so) the results that eliminated her from the competition and so it’s time for us the fans to move on as well. No more anger, no more bargaining, no more sadness.

We are going to continue covering Didi Benami’s journey post idol and we’ve only just begun! There’s so much opportunity out there for her. We all can’t wait…

Meanwhile, the competition continues albeit without Didi in the roster. We’d like to get the pulse of Didi Benami fans who visit the site on who we want to see WIN this year’s title of American Idol Season 9.

We were tempted to join in the bandwagon on voting for Tim Urban- just to spite the judges and give the American Idol producers the dose of their own medicine. After all they put Tim Urban on the show based solely on his looks- to get the teenybopper viewers. But we dislike Tim Urban so much, it is unfair to the remaining competent few to vote in favor of him.

So far, our tiny group is split between voting for Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze and Casey James. They have been the most consistent from the very beginning. Next to Didi, the three all sound great on our ipods! They can go all the way.

Calling all fans of each remaining contestant: Who should we vote for now that Didi is out?

[poll id=”16″]

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