(UPDATED) Didi with the Top 12 in the audience of American Idol Final 3 Results Night

They showed very little of the Top 9 in the Idol audience tonight- especially Siobhan and Didi! Grrr!

When the camera was roaming the audience, they showed the Top 9 from Andrew Garcia’s side and Didi was at the farthest end.

When Ryan Seacrest was talking about the upcoming tour, the camera pans out to show Andrew, Michael, Lacey, Katie, Tim(!), Aaron and a little bit of Paige… missing Didi and Siobhan.

They did have what was like a 2-second clip showing Didi and Siobhan- we had a hard time finding it when we reviewed the show.

Hope to see more of Didi on the Finale next week…! They better focus on our girl!

Don’t the producers realize yet that they lost a lot of viewers when Didi was no longer on it? We have been half-heartedly following Idol since Didi left. We don’t even want to cover American Idol 9 much unless it’s Didi related like now.


And so it came to be- American Idol has managed to have a female-male tandem with Lee and Crystal in the finale- the fifth time in 9 seasons! Casey James taking the Top 3 spot.

We are not going to complain, since April 3rd after Didi’s elimination, we have had our eyes on Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox and Casey James. We wrote: “They have been the most consistent from the very beginning. Next to Didi, the three all sound great on our ipods! They can go all the way…”

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Here’s what we predict: Lee DeWyze will win. And it’s totally fine by us! We like Lee!!

Oh we are rooting for Crystal and have been voting for Crystal when we can. We want her to win but it is the producers and judges call in the end.

What annoys us is that almost every season, the producers pick their own winner and manage to hypnotize America by picking that winner. Some season winners more obvious than the others. We think they want Lee to win it all and they will do everything in their power to orchestrate that: better songs for Lee, judge’s pandering and gratifying Lee to the nth degree, having ‘that’ moment, better video coverage and editing, etc, etc.

Why, we wouldn’t be surprised if he sings second next week!! There is no arguing that the last person to perform always has that last recall edge, making that last impression linger on which translates to more votes…

UPDATE 5/21: Ok, so according to EW, there was a ‘toss coin’ on who can choose the ‘pimp’ spot!

“… when Ryan tossed the coin and it landed in Crystal’s favor, the young mother turned to the former paint shop employee and said, “If I go second, promise not to hate me?” Lee sort of shrugged and smiled, as if to say, “What, I’m going to say I hate you for taking the finale pimp slot while cameras are in my face?” And then Crystal made it official: “I’ll do second.” Maybe MamaSox has a killer instinct to win after all.”

Way to go Crystal!!

Lee is going to be the Kris Allen this season and Crystal will fit into Adam Lambert’s fate last season. Which is a great place to be!! There is really no contest here now, either way, both are assured of a record deal and they become millionaires!

It will be interesting to see if Lee, the guy whom they called the dark horse early on can actually win this, after all they called Siobhan the dark horse too among the girls.

So, see you all in the Finale!

Meanwhile, Lacey Brown just twittered that she’s with the Idol cast. Calling Andrew Garcia, show us some pics! 🙂

“Lacey Brown checked in at Daily Grill. Eating with the fam!!!! Idol famiy that is!”

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