Love or Hate American Idol? Say it to their faces! Take the official survey.

Say it to their faces, we mean participating on a survey the producers have put up on their site a few days ago– American Idol’s dire attempt to salvage the number one (no more) show on television.

Their ratings are down, people who were watching before have lost interest this year. There’s no denying this is by far their worst season. If we did not see Didi Benami’s audition, we would have skipped this season entirely!

It’s not so much as the contestants fault, these are kids who know nothing about the ins and outs of making it in the music business. It’s the judges and the producers who chose them and run the show. They’re supposed to be the grown ups, they’re supposed to have mastered the formula for TV success by now.

What is wrong with this show?

The judges contradicting themselves all the time, the host who used to be charming and likeable- now turned annoying with his useless bantering with the judges! For a reality TV, everything just seem scripted and staged!

The boring themes! They insist on making the idols current, then stop giving them Presley or Sinatra! These are great classics and should be left alone… We didn’t like the ‘inspirational week’ either. If anything, that week inspired us to turn off our TV sets. We watched Idol gives back to get a glimpse of Didi, that’s that. [Lest you guys think we’re insensitive to the cause, we each donated to IGB. Annie Lennox totally stirred us. Her segment was the most inspiring of all.]

We took the survey ourselves. Be prepared for a rather lengthy if not boring series of inquiry. Nonetheless, we feel it most important to add our voice if we want to shake these guys up!

Here are some of the questions to expect:

  1. On a scale of 1-10, How much are you enjoying the current season of American Idol?
  2. Are you watching American Idol MORE, LESS or the SAME AMOUNT this year compared to 2009?
  3. Thinking about the judges and the host on American Idol, please rate each of them on their overall performance…
  4. Are there any other Mentors you would like to see on American Idol in the future? Please list up to two.
  5. Do you like the idea of having former American Idol winners or stars come back as Mentors on the show?

There were a lot of questions about the judges, how Ellen is doing and even questions on Paula Abdul such as do you miss her and if you want to see Paula again on the show as guest judge or permanent judge!!

Paula left. Simon Cowell leaves next season to start his own show X-Factor (US version). Emmy-nominated Music director Rickey Minor also is moving on to be at the Jay Leno Show in June.

We can’t wait for the changes they’re going to make next season! How about replacing all four judges including host Ryan Seacrest?!

If you enjoy the show and want to see it again next season and the next, take a few minutes and take part. Save the show (or not) by having your voices heard!

Take the survey by clicking here.

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  • billy

    I think you should have a best of the rest year. Where you bring back people who didn’t make it from previous years. But if they made it past the top five, you’re out. top 6 and up are legible, but you have to be in the top 12. we don’t need to auditions, and all in all it would be a short summer season, that would be fun for all of the true fans of past idols. and then we’d bring didi back forsure!

  • D-fan

    That is such a GREAT idea Billy!! We’re all for it. Familiar with So You Think You Can Dance? They are doing it this season although the ‘stars’ are not technically competing, they’re partnered up with the new contestants. Gives us chance to see the past favorites…

    But yeah, if Idol wants to shake things up- they have to be bold and overhaul the show. They’re dying which is unfortunate… Yay, we can have Didi back. LOL. If they go thru the best of the rest though, we think the producers would have to get those who isn’t signed or hasn’t released any records yet- such as their rule as always to be fair- so Didi might not ‘qualify’ if they have it in the future once she release an album.