Minor Marina del Rey earthquake rattles the stars

A 3.0 magnitude earthquake shook an affluent area of Los Angeles today, shaking up the citizens and inspiring quite a few celebrity tweets. Randy Jackson’s former “American Idol” colleague Paula Abdul felt the earth move as well.

WHOA! I was just about to tweet when…Did anybody else just feel that #EARTHQUAKE ????

— The Real Paula Abdul (@PaulaAbdul) May 9, 2013


— La Toya Jackson (@latoyajackson) May 9, 2013

Earthquake! Whole couch just shook!😳

— Jordin Sparks (@JordinSparks) May 9, 2013

It was just a little earth shakin but I felt it. Lol

— Jordin Sparks (@JordinSparks) May 9, 2013

I’ve had enough with the earthquakes. My whole house shook and I came really close to peeing my pants.

— Candace Bailey (@CandaceBailey5) May 9, 2013

Another damn earthquake out here. After CA falls in the water I’ll move to Phoenix and get a place on the beach. #steveaustinshow

— Steve Austin (@steveaustinBSR) May 9, 2013

I NEVER feel these earthquakes, like ever.

— Amber Patrice Riley (@MsAmberPRiley) May 9, 2013

USGS: 3.0-mag quake rattles Marina del Rey, CA earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/ev…

— Jon Passantino (@passantino) May 9, 2013

Just a 3.0? No biggie.

“@twinpugz: “@lsaintvictor: HOLY SNAPP!!!!!! I just felt my first earthquake!!!!” We call that a California tickle”lol!!

— Katherine Kelly Lang (@KatherineKellyL) May 9, 2013

Ok my Angelenos, it was just a 3.0. Stop it with the Oscar performances. #earthquake

— Danny Deraney (@DannyDeraney) May 9, 2013

How is “Marina del Rey” trending? It was a 3.0 earthquake, guys.

— Zac Estrada (@zacestrada) May 9, 2013

There was an earthquake in Marina Del Rey, but no one felt anything because Botox.

— Kirk Diedrich (@kirkdiedrich) May 9, 2013

In the movie theater i thought i felt an earthquake , my friend said “No thats just IronMan” .. actually it was an earthquake #Earthquake

— KaiL Baxley (@KaiLBaxley) May 9, 2013

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