8/7 Photos and Videos from American Idols Live Tour Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion in Houston, TX

By Christine

Concert: Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion in Houston, TX

Date: August 7th

Tidbits on the meet and greet prior to the show:

“Tim, Lee, Andrew, Aaron, and Siobhan were the only ones who came out.  We stayed from like 2-4.  I think big mike may have been out after.  They were all so sweet to stand out in the blistering sun but there were only like maybe 30 people, a lot less than previous years.

On Didi Benami:

I was really hoping to meet Didi but maybe next time whenever she’s touring solo.

I really enjoyed her set- it went by way too fast.  We sat on the lawn so our view was less than spectacular.  we mostly had to watch the monitors.”

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Videos by Christine and TheCWMPavilion:

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