Predict the Season 10 American Idol Winner! Enter weekly!

Enter to win One (1) piece American Idol: Celebrating 10 Years (The Official Backstage Pass) [Hardcover Book] or $25.00 PAYPAL CASH (must have a paypal account). Open to anyone with a US postal address or Paypal account anywhere in the world. in partnership with @DBFansite on Twitter present “Predict the Season 10 American Idol Winner” mini-contest. ONE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED at MIDNIGHT OF THE FINALE on MAY 25th, 2011.

Simple and fast entry: Just enter your pick on who you think is the last contestant standing in the Idol Finale– PREDICT 2011’s American Idol. Leave your answer via our comment section or FOLLOW @DBFANSITE and “tweet” your answer to @DBFANSITE on TWITTER include the hash tag: my #americanidol winner is (enter name of contestant).


You can enter once weekly until the finale week. You may also send out the order of elimination from Top 11 to the winner for FUN but is not required and will not have any bearing impact or bearing to your overall pick.

We will give out a special prize to the one who guessed the winner correctly the earliest, counting today March 28th. If there are two or more who guessed correctly, we will draw the names and give a SPECIAL PRIZE TO ONE WINNER on top of the prize below.

Win this delivered to your home: One (1) piece American Idol: Celebrating 10 Years (The Official Backstage Pass) [Hardcover Book] or $25.00 PAYPAL CASH (must have a paypal account).

American Idol: Celebrating 10 Years (The Official Backstage Pass)

Product Description

Be an Idol Insider with the Official Book Celebrating 10 Years of American Idol

Straight from the photo vault of America’s number-one show, American Idol: Celebrating 10 Years, is the official photographic celebration of the first ten years of the television show that changed the face of music and popular culture throughout the world. Vaulting contestants from obscurity to mega stardom in a sensational display, this book celebrates the countless memorable moments over the past decade. With more than seven hundred images–beginning with Kelly Clarkson from the season one finale, to highlights of fan favorites, zany auditioners, the judge’s best moments, and everything in between–this book is the ultimate visual history of American Idol. Many never-before-published images from behind the scenes, on stage, in the dressing room, and unforgettable performances, make this collection the ultimate collector’s item for every American Idol fan.

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  • MEMcRory

    Entries on Twitter: From @AlainaNation:
    11. Stefano
    10. Thia
    9. Haley
    8. Naima
    7. Jacob
    6. Paul
    5. Casey
    4. James
    3. Pia
    2. Lauren
    1. Scotty

  • MEMcRory

    From: @ChrissyLSG!/ChrissyLSG/status/514823664
    11. Scotty 10. Haley 9. Stefano 8. Lauren 7. Pia 6. Thia 5. Jacob 4. Paul 3. James 2. Casey 1. Naima

  • MEMcRory

    From: @gsierra21!/gsierra21/status/5140508410
    11. Stefano 10. Naima 9. James 8. Thia 7. Haley 6. Scotty 5. Paul 4. Jacob 3. Pia 2. Casey 1. Lauren

  • Abhishek Duggal

    Pia Toscano

  • RicoMambo

    I Vote for Scott McCreery to win the AMERICAN IDOL title.

    He's gonna win and I'm gonna win!! Thank you. 🙂

  • Gabe

    Awesome!!! I can't wait to know! OMG I want to win the "American Idol: Celebrating 10 Years, is the official photographic celebration" :O I'd LOVE IT!!! Hahaha wooow if I don't win it, where can I get it?!?! Hahahaha I really really really want it! 😛 YEEEI!

  • Jasper K

    Pia Toscano, all the way baby!!

  • StefanoFan

    I'm a Stefano fan but I'm keeping it real… I'm putting my bets on Scott "lock them doors and turn the lights down low" McCreery. It's time for a country boy to win this thing!!

  • Jericho B

    Scotty McCreery for the win!