A Teen View: Interview with Didi Benami, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Tim Urban and Crystal Bowersox (VIDEOS)

Interviews on August 12th, Arizona stop.

Didi Benami and Casey James

All right in this interview Didi says: “BEFORE I left, I was starting to date somebody and now, you can’t… it’s hard, so that’s probably the hardest part…” -on what’s the hardest part of the tour.

[A great interviewer would have caught that there’s a lot of “meat” in what Didi had said in that, and would have followed it up with questions to elaborate further, instead the interviewer moves on to the next question as though what Didi said didn’t mean anything!!]

Hmmm, we wonder if we could follow this up with Didi…? Didi did NOT say- she’s dating NOW. But after the tour, will she start ‘re-dating’ the same person she left behind in LA? Or is there someone NEW she met along the way? This seems too privy to ask though! You guys realize, we’re just thinking out loud on this! Not sure this is something we want to pry about unless she wants to talk about it! 😉

Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban

Crystal Bowersox

via A Teen View

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