Twitter Update: American Idol Top 10 AT&T shoot (PHOTOS)

The exchange of news and information has never been easier than ever. How did we survive the last 10 years? What do we do without Twitter?

We found out June 24th what the idols were up to via AT&T Connections. They were tweeting like crazy-giving what the fans wanted– PHOTOS! The day before, the Top 10 of Season 9 wrapped up rehearsals and did a Ford music video shoot. Today, they were doing an AT&T video shoot that will be used as filler for the Tour.

The photos will show some of the idols, head down on their phones- busy texting or tweeting while being photographed! Casey of course just won’t have it without his guitar on. Didi showed them some funky moves! She looks sooo cheerful! 🙂

Sample of AT&T Tweets:

@dbenami and @aaronkellyai09 on set

Love @dbenami vocal warmups. A motorboat and cat meows

@dbenami says she can’t wait to see you all in Knoxville and thanks you for your support!

Feel so lucky. @dbenami is singing hey Jude. Sounds so beautiful.

@dbenami is so funny. She’s dancing around the room

Cats out of the bag. Just learned that @dbenami will be the first on stage at the #ATT #idol tour

Big thanks AT&T!

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  • Raquel

    OMG, Didi is incredibly cute! *-* …and also Crystal ‘-‘ haha, my divas!