Twitter users say Christopher Dorner resembles Ruben Studdard

One is a fugitive who is suspected of killing three people. The other is an amazing singer who won American Idol in 2003. The two men have little in common, but a lot of Twitter users think they look like twins.

I hope they find Ruben Studdard before more people die.

— Dustin Engstrom (@Splendor) February 10, 2013

Am I the only one who thinks this LAPD officer on the lose bears an uncanny resemblance to Ruben Studdard?

— Evan Thomas (@enixusEP) February 10, 2013

I cnt front when I first saw Chris Dorner on CNN. The tv was kinda far in da gym!!! I yelled “Wat da fukk Ruben Studdard do”

— TREV HOUSTON (@TREVCOMEDY) February 9, 2013

@jeffersonobamaI hope Ruben Studdard is in hiding until this is over!

— SoDakLiberal (@SoDakLiberal) February 10, 2013

@charleslat @tmzlive It’s a bad time in L.A. to look like Ruben Studdard.

— RJ Johnson (@RJJohnsonLA) February 10, 2013

Ex#LAPD officer christoph dorner really looks like Ruben Studdard

— Juan Price (@operations19) February 7, 2013

If you see a large black man that resembles Ruben Studdard and seems really on edge, shoot him.

— Gene Downie Jr. (@uppindownie) February 10, 2013

This Christopher Dorner dude looks an awful lot like Rueben Studdard. Somebody get Randy Jackson on the phone! I have questions!

— XanxiuZ (@XanxiuZ) February 9, 2013

That cop killer looks like ruben studdard

— Y ME? (@Y_ME_) February 10, 2013

Did they find Ruben Studdard yet?

— kassemg (@kassemg) February 8, 2013

I really hope Ruben Studdard turns himself in. #dorner

— TOMMYBOY (@TommyBoyLive) February 8, 2013

Did they catch Dorner yet? He looks like Ruben Studdard.

— Chivy (@MicrowavedRamen) February 10, 2013

no lie tho, I thought ruben studdard was making a comeback when I saw that picture of christopher dorner

— dirty diana. (@jojososassy) February 8, 2013

Please don’t mistake Ruben Studdard as the Dorner guy that police is looking for. Ruben’s a teddy bear.

— Peter_Gonzaga (@PeterGonzaga) February 7, 2013

What do you think?

Dorner studdard

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