Which American Idol contestant has the largest Twitter following?

Earlier this week, Jessica Sanchez wowed America with her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” but she isn’t the most-beloved Idol contestant on Twitter:

  1. Heejun Han @HHanAI11 63,864 followers
  2. Phillip Phillips @PPhillipsAI11 57,344 followers
  3. Colton Dixon @CDixonAI11 50,622 followers
  4. Jessica Sanchez @JSanchezAI11 37,850 followers
  5. Erika Van Pelt @EVanPeltAI11 33,706 followers
  6. Skylar Laine @SLaineAI11 20,211 followers
  7. DeAndre Brackensick @BrackensickAI11 20,113 followers
  8. Hollie Cavanagh @CavanaghAI11 17,480 followers
  9. Shannon Magrane @SMagraneAI11 15,620 followers
  10. Joshua Ledet @JLedetAI11 10,991 followers
  11. Elise Testone @ETestoneAI11 9,894 followers
  12. Jermaine Jones @JJonesAI11 5,619 followers

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/03/10/which-american-idol-contestant-has-the-largest-twitter-following/

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