‘Who do you love’? American Idol 10 Top 12: power ranking the idol finalists on Twitter

To use this season’s catchphrase from American Idol Season 10, ‘who do you love’ on Twitter? Indeed, let the numbers speak!

Sure, this isn’t a gauge on who will become the next American Idol but in the twitter world, having the most followers is a true testament of one’s clout in the area you are famous for! Just ask Lady Gaga who holds the number one spot with 8.7 million followers from around the globe! or trailing behind her Justin Beiber and Britney Spears who have more followers than the president of the United United States!

The record breaking Twitter user perhaps is Charlie Sheen who joined Twitter two weeks ago and in 24 hours has amassed over a million followers; now 2.8 million. His followers increase at an ‘alarming’ rate that many websites are urging people to unfollow Charlie citing his shameless behaviors over the last few months as reason enough. But we digress.

We’re here to talk about the idols’ own power ranking on Twitter. The finalists officially opened their social network account on March 3rd following the press release from FOX. And so we present the list according to who has the most followers since March 3!


Top 12 American Idol Season 10 Twitter Standings as of March 15th, 7pm

Casey Abrams @CAbramsAI10 – NUMBER ONE

  • 43Tweets
  • 71Following
  • 29,777Followers
  • 560Listed

Scotty McCreery @SMcCreeryAI10

  • 147Tweets
  • 95Following
  • 28,726Followers
  • 543Listed

Paul McDonald @PMcDonaldAI10

  • 310Tweets
  • 183Following
  • 24,364Followers
  • 564Listed

Lauren Alaina @LAlainaAI10

  • 187Tweets
  • 23Following
  • 20,946Followers
  • 496Listed

Thia Megia @TMegiaAI10

  • 94Tweets
  • 27Following
  • 20,563Followers
  • 502Listed

Pia Toscano @PToscanoAI10 – NUMBER 6

  • 168Tweets
  • 68Following
  • 19,540Followers
  • 510Listed

James Durbin @JDurbinAI10

  • 146Tweets
  • 43Following
  • 18,907Followers
  • 499Listed

Stefano Langone @SLangoneAI10

  • 250Tweets
  • 58Following
  • 17,086Followers
  • 490Listed

Jacob Lusk @JLuskAI10

  • 142Tweets
  • 41Following
  • 11,392Followers
  • 384Listed

Karen Rodriguez @KRodriguezAI10

  • 315Tweets
  • 95Following
  • 10,577Followers
  • 384Listed

Haley Reinhart @HReinhartAI10

  • 23Tweets
  • 14Following
  • 9,929Followers
  • 335Listed

Naima Adedapo @NAdedapoAI10 – NUMBER 12

  • 232Tweets
  • 39Following
  • 9,608Followers
  • 353Listed

Connect with your favorites and see the numbers change on our next ranking for the Top 10 finalists! Check the official social network list here.

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