7/2 American Idol live Tour Coverage, Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI (VIDEOS)

Videos are starting to come in on YouTube. We will add more when we get them. Please let us know if you find more. Since the videos are mostly captured on phones, we only get snippets of the performances but thanks to these kind people for uploading on YouTube and Twitter! What’s great about this uploads is we get to watch from different angles!

To view photos from the concert, click here.

Fan Uploaded Videos

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”03819B401B62075B”]

Andrew Garcia ” Sunday Morning”

Tim Urban “Better Days”

Lee “Treat Her Like A Lady”

Lee “Hallelujah”

Lee “Use Somebody”

Finale song “It’s My Life”

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  • pam bilo

    What is it with these people that can’t get a good sounding full version of Didi’s song. And where is her second song??? Did you see the difference between Lee and Casey? Lee yells with no tune and Casey totally performs with ease. Witch should have been number 1!!!!