7/2 American Idol 9 Top 10 Live Tour Coverage: Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI (PHOTOS)

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New Photos added. Photography by Ellie_Mc | © All Rights Reserved.

View more photos on Flickr via Ellie_Mc | Thank you for adding the photographs to the Flickr American Idol Live! Tour 2010 group.

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JULY 2nd- Oh my. Only the second concert and other than the real fans (which aren’t that many), nobody seems to care about tonight’s American Idol Live Tour happening in Milwaukee’s Summerfest. There aren’t much of any update anywhere other than Twitter!

From the video below, you could see empty seats! They seem ‘strict’ policing the place too! @Greek_CocoaPuff on Twitter captions a photo below: “SO many empty seats. This is kinda pathetic lol.” So sad how this is going…

A review from the Journal Sentinel is even more disheartening giving buy-one-get-one-deals and they still could not fill the venue: “As the annual “American Idol Live!” tour of the top 10 contestants arrived at the Marcus Amphitheater Friday night, the effect was clear. Lower interest resulted in plenty of open seats. Buy-one-get-one-free deals filled only about three-quarters of the lower, covered seating, with tweens, their parents and other reality TV fans decked out in homemade T-shirts and carrying brightly colored signs.”

Check back again later as we scour the net for more.

BIG THANKS for your devotion to share on Twitter: @Greek_CocoaPuff, @ciret, @hikelliann and @bfriedopfer

Special Thanks To Journal Sentinel for the nice quality photos. Photo Credit to Brad Vest, Thanks for taking special attention to Didi Benami and Casey James… All rights reserved to its owners.

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