7/18 Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA Tour Review: Ten Reasons You Should Watch American Idol Live 2010!

By Mae | one of the admins for DBFansite


As many of you know, we were attending the Mansifeld, MA concert at the Comcast Center on Sunday, July 18th. This is the first of the MANY coverage that day from waiting for the idols pre show- showing up at 1pm! (Some fans were there as early as 10am to noonish) to the actual show at 7:45pm and the “meet and greet” later that lasted almost over an hour spent with the idols (we chatted with Didi for 45 minutes of that time!!). We met the most amazing fans!! We have it all in photos, videos and stories.

Everything you know about Didi Benami is about to change. She is the real deal. Nice, beautiful, sweet, charming does not even come close to how we can describe her in person. She is all that and more! The epitome of true inspiration. We will share the idol experience with all of you beginning with the ‘general’ review. We will go right down to individual reviews later. Check back again this week for more!

Lucky 13th!!

By this time, the whole American Idol fandom world has seen twelve different versions of the continuing Summer tour of Season 9’s American Idol. By the end of August, we would have seen, heard and ‘read’ the concert 44 times in all colorful yet often times extreme disparate views shared by the media.

While that may be true– at the other end, almost all of the fans who have seen the show are raving about it and call it a must-see!

Tonight is their 13th stop. We for one coming in to the show at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA feel like we’ve seen this show! Oh that’s right we have– from the countless photos and videos uploaded everywhere by wonderful and dedicated fans.

We asked ourselves, what are we doing here? We just saw the still spectacular Huey Lewis & The News last night at the Cape Cod Melody Tent. They remain to be one of America’s most popular pop/rock bands of all time, how can ten ‘newbies’ in the music industry compete with that?

The answer lies in the hearts and souls of these ten talents with their wide-eyed enthusiasm and dedication poured out on stage in every performance. We didn’t see rookies but professional artists and musicians who looked like they have always belonged on that stage!

The crowd’s cheers were deafening all across the idols with perhaps slightly higher octave for Siobhan Magnus as this was her turf being a New Englander. The audience were enthusiastic to every Idol that performed. Massachusetts LOVED ALL of them in almost equal ardor.

How WRONG can the media and the press be? Were they even paying attention when they watched the Idol concerts?!! That whole time, close to three hours, we were waiting for something ‘negative’ to critique of them. We couldn’t find any. If that, we couldn’t get enough of Didi Benami. At least three songs would have been perfect!

The crowd drawn into the moment. The synergy between the fans and the idols, beautiful to watch. They were feeding the energy back and forth on stage and in the arena.


The audience for the finale was down 30% from last season according to reports. Along with many, we have questioned this low-key cast again and again on this site. However, seeing the Top 10 perform live, we deeply regret everything! We have misjudged them from our TV screens. We should already know that American Idol is reality television first, heavily edited for TV enjoyment. Idol was sending viewers the wrong messages and the Top 10 took the grunt of the voting public and the media. Somewhere along the way, American Idol lost its magic and it shouldn’t have been blamed on the contestants! American Idol the show did it to themselves. The Top 10 didn’t have a say nor a hand in it. The show could not capture how truly talented these young people are until you have seen them perform live!!

There is something in each one of them that television just didn’t conquer. What this concert shows us is that some do stand out and take their claim. But all of them have the potential to make it in the music industry given the right materials to work on.


EASY, The Top 10 themselves are the 10 reasons any Idol fan should go.

1. Didi Benami, 2. Andrew Garcia, 3. Katie Stevens 4. Tim Urban 5. Siobhan Magnus 6. Aaron Kelly 7. Michael Lynche 8. Casey James 9. Crystal Bowersox 10. Lee DeWyze

The Top 10 each gave their best, are passionate, dedicated and authentic in their performances. There is bound to be a following for each one of them even when the idol bubble is all over. Whether that will translate to a recording contract for the remaining 8 after the show is over remains to be seen. We only wish them the best of luck. We are betting on Didi! There is no option but to put out an album!

With the current economic slump in the US, filling up stadiums and arenas with thousands of people almost every night in 44 cities totaling 264,000 people more or less (conservative average estimate: 6,000 per venue) is a big accomplishment for the Top 10 cast of Season 9.

To those who are undecided on whether they should go or not, whether it is worth it or not- if you are an American Idol fan especially of this season, there is no other time to see all of them but now.

The press and media people are giving negative reviews but they aren’t fans of the show to begin with. It is too easy for them to judge and say that what you see on TV is the same thing you’ll see in the concert. They have not been following the show. They don’t get invested with these Idols and they don’t know the idols like the fans do.

DON’T LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE PRESS!! Be on twitter, check out the forums and FAN SITES- hear the great reviews from real people like you and me who were at the concert and were mesmerized by the magic of it!! Take it from us, this is our FIRST American Idol concert since following the show for nine seasons! We couldn’t have chosen a perfect time to watch!

After the tour is over, The Idols will never have the opportunity such as this again and the fans will never see all ten in one roof ever in one concert. Each of the finalists will go their separate ways and the fans will be divided following their respective idol’s careers independent of American Idol. Let us all support all of them while we can. Go out there and watch the tour.

Are we glad we came to our first Idol concert to see Didi Benami? You bet! The meeting with her? Priceless. We invite you to watch the show, support your ‘idol’ and be part of Season 9 Idol tour history where you can say, “hey, I was at that concert and it was memorable!”

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