Live Nation promotion: American Idol Live Tour 2010 Tickets for $10!! Go out and watch the tour!

FOR A LIMITED TIME IN SELECT CITIES: Live Nation is offering $10 per ticket on various concerts among them, the American Idol show.

They have Rihanna, Maroon 5, Toby Keith and more- not just American Idol. These are truly signs of the economic times so why don’t you guys take advantage?!

We were skeptics too but after watching the Top 10 rock it out at Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA. WE SAY GO OUT AND WATCH THE IDOL LIVE TOUR!! Read our review here.

Bonus on how to meet the idols up close and personal:

Watching the American Idol Live Tour 2010 is exciting, meeting the Idols up close is icing on the cake!

*$10 ticket special for a limited time at participating venues for select events, subject to availability. Parking, shipping, service fees and other costs may apply.

Go and buy tickets at Live nation NOW.

(Disclosure: We have no affiliations with Live Nation. We DO NOT MAKE MONEY when you click on the link! We want you to go out, enjoy and support the Top 10. Watch the show! It’s totally worth it…)

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