American Idol Theme changed to Billboard #1s; gets teenybopper Miley Cyrus to mentor!

After being ridiculed by so many websites for the supposed Teen-idols theme this week, American Idol quickly changed the theme over the weekend to a tested yet totally uninspired and unoriginal Billboard No. 1’s theme.

Didn’t we have three servings of the billboard charts this season already? Billboard Top 100, Billboard No.’s- it is still from the same popularity chart!

Now the internet has more to talk about, getting 18-year old Miley Cyrus to mentor the Top 11 contestants. Miley whose claim to fame is becoming Disney’s face to Hannah Montana and posing topless in a Vanity fair shoot and oh her dad is one hit wonder “Achy breaky heart” country singer- Billy Ray Cyrus; we wonder what Miley could possibly tell these idols who apart from Tim Urban has probably more talent than her. She got lucky.  Her stars all lined up for her. That’s all there is to it.

Well, she has a movie to promote “The Last Song”- another reason she’s on Idol. On results show, Wednesday, more “teen idols” show up. Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato will perform their hit, “Make a Wave”. Oh we can’t wait!!! {insert sarcasm here}

Meanwhile, we also wonder how quick the contestants knew of the theme change. Hopefully they didn’t practice and memorize a “teen-idol” song only to grab a new one… That sucks but also that is show business!

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