Official American Idol Magazine First issue hits newsstands: to buy or not to buy…

Oh goody, now we have more ways to obsess about Simon Cowell— NOT!

The official “American Idol” magazine arrives on newsstands and in supermarkets starting Friday, March 26th. The magazine sells for more than what People Magazine ($3.99) or the Rolling Stone ($4.99) offer at $5.99 US/$6.99 Canada each.

It will publish fours issues total for Season 9 and “promises rare backstage photos of “Idol” past and present, interviews with former finalists, makeup and hair tips from the show’s glam squad (Mezhgan Hussainy gives a step-by-step breakdown of Adam Lambert’s “Idol” makeup routine), and more.”



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via THE LA TIMES, Shirley Halperin

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