Final 10 on American Idol Season 9 announced, Didi Benami is going on tour!!

Who made the Top 10? Who is not going to be on the Live Tour this Summer?

The group song is back and the idols sang lip sync “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!” by Wham! Yay, we remember this song from way back in our awkward teenage years.

Tonight is bittersweet for one contestant who is so close yet so far from his/her goal. We especially miss Lacey Brown and Lilly Scott. No, we didn’t think they were going to win but they could definitely make the Live tour more appealing and diverse with their quirkiness and distinct voices.

We would have eliminated Tim Urban along with Paige Miles in place of Lacey and Lilly. We would have included Katelyn Epperly too and got rid of either Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche and or Katie Stevens.

Our work for the week is done here. Sleep better over the weekend Didi and Didi fans! We have some voting to do again next week!!


Siobhan Magnus
Lee Dewyze
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Didi Benami – Wow, this means we have to go watch the tour!!
Michael Lynche
Crystal Bowersox
Andrew Garcia
Katie Stevens (Sent back after being in the B3)
Tim Urban- Aaargghh, we hate to see him included in the tour!

Bottom 3

Tim Urban
Paige Miles

Katie Stevens
After Miley Cyrus’ performance of
her song “When I Look At You,” we put her in the Bottom 3, she should go home tonight!

Show is still going on… Check back again for the results. Show’s over.

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  • Colorado

    DiDi absolutly don’t be crushing on any guys (Ryan Seacrest)focus focus focus on your singing and preformance If people even think you are crusing on ANY guy you will loose fans. Also I would like to hear you sing “In Your Eyes”