3/21 American Idol Top 10 borrows songs from Billy Joel’s catalog; Jessica Sanchez is back & Elise Testone shines!

We are just going to say outright, Jessica Sanchez delivers another stirring performance that had the judges nodding their approval with a standing ovation (Jessica’s third standing o in the semi-finals) while Elise Testone shines and steals the night!

If it’s up to us and the critics, a GIRL should win this year! They are consistently better than the guys each week. But the teeny boppers (who votes!) always lean towards a white boy with the guitar, or in Colton’s case the piano??!

Jessica Sanchez
Elise Testone
Erika Van Pelt – almost there
Colton Dixon – almost there

DeAndre Brackensick

DeAndre Brackensick – “Only The Good Die Young”
…and the hair tossing is back. He stretches the words too long; sounds really old-fashioned. Not really sure what he is still doing in this competition but he’s got fans. He should be going home next.

Erika Van Pelt‏ – “New York State Of Mind”
We love this song! We love her new do (reminds us of some previous contestants who had the same dark, edgy look). The singing was both wonderful and a let down. Wished she did it differently but it was sweet. She had a moment here.

Joshua Ledet – “She’s Got A Way”
Does it always have to be church-y with Joshua?? He was spectacular last week and a tough act to follow. He didn’t follow through this week. We didn’t like this performance at all. Forgettable.

Skylar Laine – “Shameless”
This was just nasally and too low for her register at the beginning… She was out of breath in the middle and shout-y towards the end. What a shame…

Elise Testone – “Vienna”
We love the song choice! This is a great anthem song for teenagers yet one of Billy Joel’s least known songs unless you’re a fan of his. Wow, this is Elise’s best performance!!! She’s a changed woman. Very positive vibe! No more angry, disinterested, anxious look. For the first time, she shows that she could be a contender. Great job!

Phillip Phillips – “Movin’ Out”
Philips is back with his old ways. WE give up. He’s just getting too predictable. We can only take one song at a time. We couldn’t really imagine listening to a 12-track album hearing the same style, growls and just same everything.

Hollie Cavanagh – “Honesty”
Pageantry. Like singing in an amateur singing competition. Old-fashioned. Pitch-y! Sharp towards the end… Definitely NOT her best. Ugh.

Heejun Han – “My Life”
Sanjaya is back in Heejun’s body!! Is this Heejun’s desperate act? Trying to do a Sanjaya with a twist of William Hung?! Might win him votes for being weird and different but we didn’t like it.

Jessica Sanchez – “Everybody Has A Dream”
She’s a star. Period. Bravo Jessica! We will be very very shocked and disappointed if you don’t make it at least to the “Hometown” episode, Top 3!!! Win this thing, girl!!!

Colton Dixon – “Piano Man”
Colton’s style of singing is thin at times and whine-y in parts. Overall, he’s got the complete package but it all boils down to preference. Do you like his style or not? If you do, you’ll love his nuances and if you don’t, the very same nuances will irritate or distract you. Still, he’s got the potential to go all the way in the competition.

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