American Idol completes its Top 10; See who’s going on tour this Summer 2012!

This week’s results night is perhaps the most cutting, no pun intended!

The one eliminated tonight (when they announce the magic 10) not only goes home for good but are left to kickstart her/his career on her own without having the opportunity to sing in stadiums and arenas in front of thousands of screaming fans!

No Summer Live Tour, No going across country to sing before a live audience. No extra cash on the side. Sad but that is how the show works.

We picked our weakest this week and bet on Deandre or Shannon Magrane to go home. The judges has the power ‘to save’ a contestant from elimination but they didn’t use it this week. Of course not! Why waste the save when clearly America has spoken?

Sharon Magrane is eliminated and will not be going on the Summer Live Tour. (BUT WAIT! Idol is known to make ‘surprises’- they just might announce a Top 11 line-up like what they did last Summer with Naima Adepapo!)

WE think Deandre is the next one to go home, unless his teeny bopper fans will vote doubly hard to save him!

Here’s the Top 10 competing next week plus going on tour for sure!!

Joshua Ledet
Phillip Phillips
Skylar Laine
Colton Dixon
Jessica Sanchez
Deandre Brackensick
Hollie Cavanagh
Heejun Han
Elise Testone
Erika Van Pelt

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  • Candice Valerie Medina

    Jessica Sanchez will win American Idol Season 11. American Idol is searching for a great talent and Jessica has it. Go go go Jessica Sanchez.