7/17 Fox 23 News New York: 'Idols Camp out in Albany' (VIDEO)

BY Torie Wells, Fox 23

Their styles are all so different. Their life stories are just as unique. But for the past two days, the American Idol finalists all made Albany their temporary home.

“Aaron is just the sweetest, most humble,” said Kathy Bordon, an Idol fan.

“Katie- she is from Connecticut, she’s local we love her,” said Jen Flinn, another fan.

The admiration was mutual in Albany tonight as the top ten met Capital Region voters.

“If it wasn’t for the fans, I’d be back in Mount Prospect mixing paint,” said Lee Dewyze, this years American Idol winner.

“When you go out on that stage they show you so much love,” said Andrew Garcia, an American Idol contestant.

“To be able to meet them and thank them for allowing me to be here is amazing,” said Katie Stevens, another contestant.

Tonights concert is good news for local businesses too, who got a boost from Idol fans and even the stars themselves.

“We got a surprise. A bunch of the Idols came in had dinner, drinks and listened to the local band we had playing,” said Mike Philip, manager of Jillian’s Restaurant in Albany.

“Albany is nice, it’s like an old world town,” said Michael Lynche, a contestant.

“We went to the mall, Crossgates mall,” said Garcia.

“Me, Siobhan and Tim went out to dinner with my mom, to the Pump Station,” said Stevens.

“I got to see all those statues that I thought were real people all over,” said Siobhan Magnus, another contestant.

They had one day off in Albany and then it was back to work today. As they prepared for tonights show, the Idol’s talked to FOX23 News about the future.

“The key for me is to keep myself focused and motivated and keep reminding myself of when I first auditioned what I was doing-playing gigs for 50 people. Now I’m playing gigs for 10,000 people,” said Dewyze.

They also talked about the show without Simon. Idols and fans alike say that even when he’s gone, the show’s message will never change.

“Believe in yourself, that person who sings in the shower,” said Lynche.

via Fox 23 NEWS, Albany, NY

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