7/17 In response to American Idol Live Tour Review Times Union Center in Albany, NY

The American Idol 9 Top 10 performed live at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York on July 17th.

There is an online newspaper that critiqued the show in a way that the article shouldn’t have even been allowed to be published for lack of professionalism and merit. The reviewer also shouldn’t be called a journalist in its strictest sense because a journalist is a person who writes about factual events; a person who delivers news in an objective way, setting aside all biases.

From the word go, his review was distorted in a way that he might have been watching a different show.

Thank you for checking out this post but after giving it some thought, we realize there is no place for such a review at Didi’s website. We want to keep the positive vibe going and we know Didi wouldn’t want such negativity to remain here either. We will not give the reviewer the time of day so it no longer appears at this section.

If you are an American Idol fan, we urge you to watch the show. We just came from the Mansfield, MA concert and the show totally changed our perspective on these young artists and musicians. They all impressed us! ALL OF THEM showed talent, drive, hard work and dedication- key ingredients to make it in the music industry. A review in length will follow but for now Read our review here– might help those second guessing themselves on whether to watch the show or not– PLEASE come out and do WATCH the show!

Thank you for all those who stood up for the idols especially Didi.

We will post those comments instead:

The BEST COMMENT has to be this one, short and sweet: [We love you Nikki Smith!!]

I love Didi Benami, in sickness and in health, in Hershey or Albany or anywhere else on the globe.

That is all.

Comment by Nikki Smith

All of these kids work hard at this, and I believe perform better than what you have given them credit for.

Comment by Kris

I’m a little tired of people not giving this group of Idols a fair shot. As Crystal Bowersox says and has proved, sometimes it is about the music and not the sensationalism. These are just kids trying to earn a break. Talent will determine their fate. They don’t need a sourpuss shooting them down before they have a chance to get off the ground. Ultimately, people won’t buy what they don’t like.

Lighten up and take it for what it is. Good fun.

Comment by SmileyOldFart

I understand that it is your job to write reviews, however there is no need for disrespectful comments towards the American Idol contestants, if you didn’t enjoy the show then make your review but don’t insult people, especially if you don’t know them personally.

Comment by Gabriel

Your review contradicts all other reviews of the night. You sure are a negative person when it comes to writing about other people. Why are so many people negative these days?, I think it is because of the economy. We should all be more positive and the world would be a better place in which to live. All ten of these Idols have worked their butts off to give the public, (their fans) a good show in appreciation for their support. . . please have some sense of good taste in reviewing their performances. Lee DeWyze deserved to win the competition and WILL go on to be a great star. He feels his music like no one I know and gives that emotion to his audience. Crystal will also have a great career but in a different direction. Casey is a great guitarist and will find his niche instrumentally. Aaron will make it country and hopefully the rest will have their share of good fortune. I do hope that tomorrow America has a “Beautiful Day”.

Comment by Jean Johnson

Just watched some video of last nights concert…. Did you even go?..Granted I did not see video from everyone..(mostly Lee ).. He was very good, and the audience loved him, as they did at the concert I went to. Audience didn’t seem forced in their response to his performance…Dalai Lama said ” our prime purpose in life is to help others, and if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them”……it seems your main goal was to hurt these “kids”… Shame on you!

Comment by Kris

May we remind you that yes, out of 100,000 hopefuls Didi made it to Top 10 because she has the heart, the passion and dedication of a true artist. She may not be the BEST singer, we never claimed she was! Didi Benami moved, inspired and lifted thousands of people in ways no American Idol contestant ever did watching all 9 seasons. We have not heard of you until this review. Didi has touched thousands of people (and continue to do so) not only locally but worldwide. Doesn’t that tell something? Have a little respect.

You are writing for a paper online or otherwise and not just some blog where you can spew anything you want. Please show some professionalism in your writings. We are very sorry we came to read this review but we will be remiss if we don’t call you on this.



Comment by DBFansite

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  • Gabe

    I posted a comment too.. it was very unprofessional of him to say such things. I didn’t say too much, but I think I gave my point.

    • Thanks for doing it Gabe! Hope more people will comment and call on the reviewer! He should be reprimanded or something…