MSNBC The Scoop: "America is voting no on 'Idol' Live tour"

by Courtney Hazlett

This past season of “American Idol” is widely regarded as one of the show’s worst, and the corresponding Idol Live! tour might be the last nail in season nine’s coffin.

The tour, which features the final 10 contestants, has suffered poor ticket sales (example: at press time, Wednesday’s show at Jones Beach, right outside New York, featured front-row seats still available for just $13). Seven shows have been cancelled, and nine shows have been rescheduled.

A revised schedule released Tuesday by organizer LiveNation, shows the tour, which was originally scheduled to end Sept. 16 in Portland, Maine, is now slated to end Aug. 31 in Indianapolis.

Is there an explanation for the lack of interest, or worry on the part of the “Idol” brass? Reps for “Idol” won’t say, other than to comment, “At this time, other than confirming that some shows on the IDOL LIVE! 2010 tour itinerary have been moved and/or canceled, we are not issuing any comment or statement.”

A source close to the production had a little bit more to say about the sad state of the Idol Live tour.

“No one was very optimistic about the success of the Idols tour this summer,” said one well-placed “Idol” source. “They knew they didn’t have big stars on their hands, and really, ‘American Idol’s’ focus isn’t about creating a successful tour, it’s about creating a successful show, week to week. But unfortunately, the tour (not doing well) reflects badly on the show, especially since there’s the ‘who will replace Simon’ situation to contend with this year.”

A tepid tour won’t halt progress, though. “American Idol” begins auditioning for new hopefuls, as scheduled, July 17 in Nashville, Tenn.

via MSNBC The Scoop.

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