Seacrest appears on TODAY, making special announcement!/brianstelter/status/187513152680886272

NBC's Olympic coverage is bar none…I'm thrilled to be joining the team. I hope they put my locker next to Bob Costas. #sameheight

— Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) April 4, 2012

Earlier this morning media mogul Ryan Seacrest appeared on the the “Today Show” to make a special announcement. Most speculation was that Seacrest would be joining the show as an entertainment correspondent, other is that he will be joining the NBC Olympics team to broadcast from London this summer. Here’s a bit more speculation, with details after the tweets:

i'd like to congratulate @RyanSeacrest on his plan for world domination. Great guy who must not sleep! #SeacrestTODAY

— Erin Kennedy (@erinkennedyCBS2) April 4, 2012

#SeacrestToday is it true youre evenually leaving idol?

— catherine schweit (@kitkat1204) April 4, 2012

Seacrest has confirmed that he will be joining the NBC family beginning this summer as a correspondent for the Olympics in London. After Matt Lauer asked him about a future on the “Today Show,” he skirted around the question, ultimately not giving a straightforward answer, but saying his start with the NBC family will be in the Olympics as a host.!/LauraCollared/status/187529887068856320

Ryan Seacrest could play #MattLauer in the @todayshow movie, but he couldn't replace him in real life #SeacrestToday

— Miss Lori (@misslori) April 4, 2012

Matt should NEVER go any where, but, if he does, @RyanSeacrest is the ONLY acceptable replacement. #SeacrestTODAY

— Tiffany Mosley (@magster1203) April 4, 2012

As for American Idol, Seacrest says, “I plan to stay there. I think I will make an official announcement very, very soon.”

So tired. I want to be on whatever Seacrest is taking.

— millie (@mstewartsloan) April 4, 2012

@RyanSeacrest congrats on the new announcement brother! ur hustle is an inspiration to those around u. keep up the gr8 work! #seacresttoday

— Sebastian Rusk (@sebrusk) April 4, 2012

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