Season 11: Top 3 American Idol audition standouts in San Diego, CA 1/15/2012 (Videos)

American Idol’s Sunday ‘special’ episode didn’t turn out to be special after all. The show started so late (because of the Football championships overtime!) and there was no one- NO ONE who really stood out. It was probably the worst audition episode ever. Maybe they should have let the crazies back just for this one.

The audition was aboard the aircraft carrier USS Midway and while they bragged about 10,000 people showing up to audition, they only showed 7 of the 53 hopefuls who made it to the next round. Of the 7, we didn’t really think there was any one worthy to move past Hollywood week! Yep, it was that bad.

But since we’ve started covering our Top 3, we’d have to pick our ‘standouts’ with extreme reservations! We’d be very VERY shocked if any of them made it to Top 24!

Next Week January 25th, they show the Aspen, Colorado audition.


Jane Carrey (The Jim Carrey’s daughter!), 24 yo
‘Something to Talk About’ by Bonnie Raitt

Jason “Wolf” Hamlin, 24 yo
Midnight Special by Creedence Clearwater Revival & Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash

Kyle Crews, 19 yo
‘Angel of Mine’ by Monica

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