Season 11: Top 3 American Idol audition standouts in St. Louis, Mo 2/02/2012 (Videos)

“Where’s the arch?!”

We can see why they ‘saved the best for last’ as American Idol concludes its auditions round in St. Louis, MO- a lot of talents showed up here. Nonetheless, we don’t see a winner in the bunch. So there wouldn’t be another Carrie Underwood in the making… Carrie, season 4 winner, auditioned in St. Louis back in 2005!

Here are our 3 standouts:

Johnny Keyser, 22yo from Pompono Beach, FL
“A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke

Rachelle Lamb, 26yo from Mountain View, MO
“Find Somebody New” by Faith Hill

Lauren Gray, 22yo from Hardy, AR
“One and Only” by Adele

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