Season 11: Top 3 American Idol audition standouts in Portland, OR 2/01/2012 (Videos)

This segment of American Idol features the audition in Rose city Portland, Oregon. Once again, we wonder about the 45 people who ‘got through’ and they only showed 10 people –about half couldn’t really sing!

No, there aren’t any standouts here and pat yourself in the back if you didn’t watch! You didn’t miss anything. Still, we’re picking our Top 3 in the roster.

Jessica Phillips, 25yo from Brooklyn NY
“Again” by Faith Evans

Britnee Kellogg , 27yo from Vancouver, WA
“You’re No Good” by Linda Ronstadt

Brittany Zika, 21yo from Portland OR
“The Story” – Brandi Carlisle

Shown during the telecast

Brittany Zika –
Ben Purdom
Jermaine Jones
Britnee Kellogg-
Sam Gershman
David Weed
Romeo Diahn
Naomi Gillies
Ben Harrison
Jessica Phillips-

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